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who we are

Over coffee 6 years ago, four of us guys got together, and as we all looked around our neighborhoods, communities and country, we kept seeing the deterioration of the things we love and hold dear! We saw that politicians were dictating more and more of what we could or could not do, our families were in heightened jeopardy on a daily basis from outside threats and the list goes on and on. We knew there were thousands, really tens of thousands of families just like ours feeling the same concerns.

So Barrel & Blade was birthed and created to help individuals like you and your family be ready for anything the world..or the guy down the street throws at you! These days our nation faces more and more adversity both from outside and within. It's important to be prepared for any and all scenarios you and your family could encounter.

That's where we combine forces and join in this together. Your Barrel & Blade Membership is the best way to get prepared without breaking the bank. Whether you are military, law enforcement, or just want the tools to better protect your family. We understand the role of tactical survival in everyday life. We know emergencies take on numerous forms. Whether a natural disaster, an unexpected car breakdown, or surviving a power outage during a harsh winter storm. By mastering tactical survival techniques and equipping yourself with the right tools, these challenging events can be handled with confidence.

*Just say you're driving late at night on a deserted road when suddenly, your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Panic starts to creep in as you realize you're stranded with no immediate help in sight. However, if you possess tactical survival skills, you'll be able to assess the situation and take the necessary steps to ensure your safety. We know these skills could save your life or the lives of others. In dire situations, like being lost in the wilderness, tactical survival skills are imperative.

*What if you're hiking through a dense forest when suddenly, you stumble and fall, injuring your leg. Panic sets in as you realize you're unable to walk and are far from any form of civilization. However, if you've acquired tactical survival skills, you'll be able to remain calm and take the necessary steps to increase your chances of survival.

*Has your wife, girlfriend, mother, daughter had to walk into a parking deck/lot to go to their car whether day or night, it's an eerie feeling and frightening feeling, but having the tools to keep them safe is all that matters to them and you.

From understanding orientation and navigation to setting up shelter and creating a fire, every skill learned can be the deciding factor in survival scenarios. The confidence and peace of mind that come with these skills are priceless. Additionally, tactical survival skills can be invaluable in emergency situations where the lives of others are at stake. Whether it's helping a stranded motorist on a deserted road or providing first aid to someone in need, having the knowledge and ability to respond effectively can make all the difference.

In conclusion, tactical survival skills extend far beyond the realm of camping trips and hiking excursions. They are essential tools that can be applied to everyday life, enabling you to navigate unexpected challenges and potentially save lives. So, take the time to learn and master these skills, and you'll be equipped to face any situation with confidence and resilience.

Unique Features of Our Subscription Club

Top-quality gear and unrivaled knowledge are what set our subscription box apart. In lieu of conventional survival kits packed with off-the-shelf tools, we handpick premium, professional-grade equipment for our members. It's not just about having gear; it's about having the right gear.

Our commitment to excellence doesn't stop at gear selection. We understand that survival is a journey, and education is key. That's why we provide our members with exclusive access to expert survival tutorials. These tutorials cover a wide range of topics, from building shelters to starting fires and everything in between. With our tutorials, you can acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in any survival situation.

But our subscription club is more than just gear and tutorials. It's a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for preparedness. As a member, you'll have the opportunity to connect with others who understand the importance of being ready for anything. Share your experiences, exchange tips and tricks, and find support in a community that is always there for you.

What's Included in Your Subscription?

Upon joining the Barrel and Blade Tactical Survival Subscription Club, you gain access to a wealth of resources curated with you in mind.

When you become a member of our exclusive club, you open the door to a world of survival knowledge and gear that will empower you to thrive in any situation. We understand the importance of being prepared for the unexpected, and that's why we've carefully crafted a subscription package that goes above and beyond.

Detailed Overview of Monthly Survival Gear

Your subscription includes professional-grade survival gear sent directly to your doorstep each month. But it's not just about sending you gear; we want you to understand its uses and potential.

Imagine the excitement of receiving a package filled with top-of-the-line survival gear tailored to meet your needs. From multi-purpose tools to versatile camping equipment, each piece is carefully selected to ensure that you're equipped with the best tools for any situation.

But we don't stop there. We believe that knowledge is power, and that's why each piece of gear is accompanied by a detailed guide explaining its purpose, operation, and potential applications in a real-life survival situation.